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Yakkazoo Pty Ltd (A Revolution360 Company)
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Data Alive!

Yakkazoo was commissioned to launch the LinkedIn Talent Intelligence product suite in Australia.
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Yakkazoo was commissioned by LinkedIn to refresh its Australian market presence, and launch  the Linkedin Talent Intelligence product suite through a NYC-Paris-Sydney event series, the LinkedIn Talent Intelligence Experience. LinkedIn’s profile data is about creating opportunities for all people. Presenting it as breathing, pumping, moving and engaging is a must. Data analytics doesn’t have to be boring!

Talent Intelligence is a data analytics platform enabling deep-dives into LinkedIn’s massive global database, to find the right talent for the right role. That 1-in-575 million people ‘gold nugget’.  Data analytics is heady stuff – often literal, serious and technical – and making its stories immersive and inspiring for audiences is the challenge.

How do you bring that to life so an audience completely ‘gets’ it? Yakkazoo worked that out, strategically, creatively and logistically: accessibility, simplicity and engagement in the power of data.


We designed a clean-lined, modern arena that welcomed its audience without clutter.

Launched with an astonishing performance between a world-class performance artist, Ekenah Claudin and visual data, where interactive content and physical theatre blew the audience’s minds. This is data + humanity, each enriching the other.

LinkedIn’s Talent Intelligence Lounge was like an immersive fun-fair of data challenge experiences:-
1. Musica Analytica, an installation bringing the data inside music to life.
2. Pics & Mix, a machine that transforms photographic data into GIFs for sharing.
3. Mechanical Intelligence is a fun adaptation of the ‘claw machine’ you’ve seen in gaming arcades – but this time with the data revealed as to how to beat it and win.
4. Even the Food & Beverages had a data backstory: The Sum of Yum! as revelations about who eats and drinks what and where unfurled before the audience’s eyes.