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LDV T60/D90 Global Launch

A visual feast driven by strategic storytelling.
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Year: 2017
Location: Australia / 37.8136° S, 144.9631° E

China’s largest automotive company, SAIC Motor, launched its new LDV brand SUV and Ute vehicles in Sydney for a global audience, including media and dealers, through its Australian distributor, Ateco Automotive.

It was their biggest story in 50 years, so a visual feast driven by strategic storytelling was required – and that’s the sweet-spot of Yakkazoo capabilities.

/ Overview

Yakkazoo’s CoLab devised new techniques for projecting seamlessly on 360 degrees of curved surface, with multiple vision sources synchronised with sound and lighting effects.

A cavernous elliptical space was created for the audience, with its centrepiece being a 2.7m diameter sphere suspended above, on which digital projection painted video imagery seamlessly through 360 degrees in 3 dimensions.

Aerialists performed floating choreography to interact with the visual and musical story of SAIC’s journey to global status.

360° Sphere

Yakkazoo created a signature music phrase that echoed throughout the event and drew the audience into a sense of continuing journey, connecting them to the SAIC story as a strong undercurrent.

Music & Performance

The original musical soundtrack created a progression from classical to a more modern style.

From the first note during the media launch to the finale at the end of the gala dinner, the soundtrack and score was designed to reflect the way the SAIC brand has evolved over the last several decades.

A lilting phrase connected people emotionally to the story, capturing their hearts as well as minds.